Sharing Jewels How It Works

10 Million Women A Year Are Victims Of Domestic Violence

Women Earn 79 Cents To A Man's Dollar

Economic Gender Equality Is Getting Worse

Only 32 Fortune 500 CEOs Are Women

Only .2% of OF THE THOUSANDS of Venture Deals minted from 2012 to 2014, had Women Founders at the Helm

To help address these problems, we work with a handful of partners to ensure that we share jewels. There are three models we employ:

1) Empowering women with opportunities to share what they have learned with other women through our Sharing Jewels gatherings.

2) Directly giving to organizations that support women in all facets of womanhood. 

3. Directly giving to women in need of our support.  

We donate 10% of the Sharing Jewels Party proceeds directly to a cause of preselected on our site. Set up a Sharing Jewels party now.