About Us

Welcome to Signature Pieces! We are excited that you've visited us. We sell affordable accessories that define your wardrobe. Our concept is very simple: Sharing Jewels. We want to empower women through our giving efforts. We have set up a model where 10% of your Sharing Jewels Party proceeds are donated directly to a cause of preselected on our site. Click here to learn how you can set up your Sharing Jewels Party. 

We have affordable accesories that define your wardrobe. We want you to be fashionable without breaking the bank! We have implemented our High Low Philosophy, with price ranging from $10-$150. Shop with us! Give to Girls! 

Thank you for shopping with us! Don't forget to share jewels.


What our Jewels have said:

I attended the Sharing Jewels experience on August 10th and it was an amazing experience. I often attend these networking/sharing experiences events and I must say this event was one of the most efficient. The attendees were women from all backgrounds, yet everyone had relevant advice to offer each other. I was able to secure valuable advice for my non profit and passion projects. I left the event with a renewed sense of encouragement and new connections that I look to gaining "jewels" and business hacks from.

I'm really glad I attended!

~Shaina W. 

I wore a set of earrings from Signature Pieces for my wedding on August 8, and I couldn't be happier! They were hand-delivered to me in Poughkeepsie, NY in beautiful packaging, and were the perfect complement to my navy blue shoes. I prefer simple beauty rather than overstated, and these earrings were just the perfect touch to make my wedding day even more spectacular!

~Danielle S.